Technology and Multimodality. Students function in electronic writing spaces, and use technology to compose, revise, and present their writing. At the intermediate level, students analyze and/or produce visual, audio, and online texts, while working half-time in computer classrooms.

See the section on this outcome "Guide to Teaching the Outcomes" in the Composition Program Guide:

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  • CLASS BLOG - A good way to have students function in electronic writing spaces is to have them maintain a class blog. I am sure this can take many forms, but for me, it is a place where students can get a re-cap of the previous course from a perspective other than mine. I have very little requirements surrounding this assignment, as I want it to be their own space, although I do give a quick tutorial on how to use the blog. It's the same tool bar that email, and the discussion board has on Blackboard, so it's not complex. They can take pictures with their phone and upload them with commentary, take notes in a word file and attach it, record audio/video and upload, etc. Each student is assigned a day (24 days out of 32 works well because presentations/conferences/etc. don't need to be blogged) and I grade it on a check -, check, check + scale. Their task is to summarize for their classmates everything that went on in class.
    • I've had good luck with this on blogs, and they're free!

Writing a Visual Analysis (Duke)


>>>I am sure there are many, many more things to use the laptops for in class, lets hear them!

>>>More computer classroom ideas.

>>>Google Docs is another electronic space that is helpful in composing and revising. I use it as a way to quickly and easily comment on students' drafts, and also as a way for students to provide feedback for each other. After the initial set-up, it greatly reduces the number of clicks and steps it takes me to provide feedback, plus Google Docs saves every change creating a visible revision trail. I use it primarily with 2030 courses because I tend to have them submit more drafts, and they are in a computer classroom, which makes set-up easier. I am sure there are many other uses for Google Docs, so let's hear them! I would be happy to help trouble-shoot as well.

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