Critical Reading. Students read to inquire, learn, think, and communicate. Student writing demonstrates understandings of assigned readings, and when requested, incorporates outside readings.

See the section on this outcome "Guide to Teaching the Outcomes" in the Composition Program Guide:

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John Bean's //Reading Rhetorically// is a great book if you can get your hands on it! Lots of charts to adapt to handouts, etc. Here is the companion website.


>>These ideas can be used in either 1020 or 2030.
The Practice of Reading Rhetorically (pdf)
Writing Guide: Critical Reading (CSU)
Seven Critical Reading Strategies (Salisbury)


PDF Annotation >> Basically have students annotate a reading with digital "notes" in a pdf rather than have them write a traditional analysis.
Research and Critical Writing (//Methods of Discovery//)
A Nurse's Guide to the Critical Reading of Research (interesting!)
How to Read a Scientific Paper