I'm including a link to my ENGL1020 mini-ethnography assignment here. It's a multimodal asssignment that asks students to develop their own expertise through observation and primary research methods.

The assignment fits well into an assignment sequence that focuses on identity. Generally, I begin the semester with an identity narrative where students explore their own identities (and the multiplicity of identity).

This ethnography stays on the identity theme, but asks them to abstract from themselves and enter new territory. In a sense, this is an unconventional argument of definition. It asks students to attempt to define key aspects of a community to which they do not belong.


You'll see that this assignment description includes a Prezi that has some of the unit's readings embedded into it. I've also included PDF files of the key readings here. I have a few good student samples, but for student privacy reasons will share those on an as-needed basis.

If you have questions, please let me know.

Nicole Piasecki