Argument and Analysis. Students write persuasively and analytically. Student writing contains convincing arguments and is supported with evidence.

See the section on this outcome "Guide to Teaching the Outcomes" in the Composition Program Guide:

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>> I use this variation of an argument analysis as the last essay in 1020 and another version as the first essay in 2030 (Kyle).

>>I use this in conferences to make sure my students' arguments make sense. Here is the original source:

After receiving paper #3 is when I realized that my students grasped the thesis statement but not the introduction as a whole. I scoured the web to find how to re-teach the intro (again) quickly and in a more creative way. I found this website which contains an entertaining anecdote and I read it in class (it's short). The story compares writing an introduction to being a cardiac surgeon (other topics on this website seem interesting as well, and it's by Catherine Prendergast!):

Teaching Argument Basics (Dartmouth)
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Logic in Argumentative Writing (Purdue OWL)
The Basics of an Analysis (U of MN)


Teacher's Guide and Analysis Tool (Library of Congress)
Teaching with Documents (National Archives)Potential Risk of Teaching Argument and Debate (Pitt)
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Legal Writing (interesting research perspectives, Stetson Law Review)
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